How to watch

How do I watch WKRP?

People want to know how to get WKRP, THIS TV, COZI TV, Retro TV, Jewelry Television, TUFF TV  and America One. Well, here’s how:

We have viewers as far south as Independence, KY, as far east as Batavia, as far west as Lawrenceburg, IN and as far north as Beavercreek. We recommend using an outdoor antenna for optimal reception. If you want to go the indoor route, you may use a bowtie or a loop antenna. If you can’t get a good reception using an antenna, we recommend checking out Aereo (see point five below).

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Aim your antenna towards downtown Cincinnati. Our broadcast antenna is located in Walnut Hills at I-71 and McMillan Avenue. Go to for more details.

2. Rescan your television and/or converter box. Our channels are:

25.1 COZI TV
25.2 THIS TV
25.3 Retro TV
25.4 Jewelry Television
25.5 America One
25.6 SonLife TV

3. Upgrade your outdoor antenna. Antennas degrade over the years and it may need repairs.

Click here for more detailed help troubleshooting antenna reception.

4. Get Cincinnati Bell FiOptics or Time Warner Cable Kentucky.

Time Warner Cable Kentucky:
* COZI TV is on Ch. 189

Cincinnati Bell FiOptics:
* COZI TV is on Ch. 24 and Ch. 290
* RetroTV is on Ch. 292
* Jewelry Television is on Ch. 246
* America One is on Ch. 293
* THIS TV is on Ch. 259

Call us at 513-631-8825. Hopefully, we can provide you with the answers.