WKRP TV25 Cincinnati

A New Beginning


1. WBQC begins relationship with WCPO. A solid relationship with WCPO gave us more opportunities than we could fathom. After some quick negotiations, we moved our transmitter from the Vernon Manor to WCPO's tower. With the assistance of many, including the man himself, Dave Schwerberg, WBQC's antenna and transmitter moved to a new home.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers on WBQC. In fall of that same year we brought the NBA to Cincinnati's television audience. WBQC became the home of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

3. Local shows are a focal point at WBQC. With the added sports audience, we continued out efforts into local programming wth "Mad Dog TV with Mike Reddin" and the "Greater Cincinnati Business Review."

4. Four letters made WBQC more popular. WB and OJ. In March of 1997 we became a major player in the Cincinnati market. Not only did we become a WB affiliate, but we were the station to watch during the Simpson Trial.

5. WBQC helps begin the baseball season. Continuing our efforts in live event production, we were successful in producing the Findlay Market Parade on the Cincinnati Reds' Opening Day. Not only did Rick Flynn return to television for this event, he was joined by WLW's Andy Furman!