WKRP TV25 Cincinnati

Independence Day


1. Warner Bros. out. Local programming in. WB jumped the ship it was brought in on. After some initial talks with UPN, we continued our efforts in local programming. "Martial Arts Theater," with Rick Flynn started in that fall.

2. Martial Arts Theater becomes Rick Flynn Presents. Seeking to diversify the audience, in addition to Rick Flynn being promoted to producer, "Martial Arts Theater" became "Rick Flynn Presents", showcasing old b-movies instead of the hardcore kung fu.

3. WBQC produces and televises 1998 Brian Pillman Wrestling Memorial. Local event programming continued as WBQC produced the "Findlay Market Parade" and the "1998 Brian Pillman Wrestling Memorial." With a crew of six, the "Pillman Memorial" showcased our station's best efforts in live event production and video post production. The "Pillman Memorial" was the first WBQC production that utilized non-linear video production. It also marked the return of wrestling to prime time in Cincinnati.

4. The Friday Night FU is born. After "Rick Flynn Presents" came to pass in the summer of 1998, we decided to return to our roots and go after the hardcore kung fu audience. "Martial Arts Theater" returned to air, this time with Cap'n Dave. But "Martial Arts Theater" soon fell to the new title, "Friday Night FU." "Friday Night FU" was the second production WBQC utilized for non-linear production.

5. WBQC gets online. OneNet Communications became an online partner and webhost of WBQC.com.